HDMI vs DisplayPort - Which to choose

HDMI or DisplayPort - which one is better and which one should you choose when connecting your device? Let's take a look at what these two interface standards are and how they started before answering the question of which one to choose.

Make money searching on the web

Get paid to do something that you're already doing has been my mantra for free and easy cash. Getting paid to search the Internet has to be one of the best ones out there. Presearch is a decentralized search engine that's powered by its own blockchain which makes the payouts more sustainable. On the flip-side, that causes them to vary quite a bit too.

The dangers of sleep deprivation infographic

The effects of sleep deprivation have been well studied and it's an issue that many of us should be concerned about. Nearly 60 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders and according to statistics from the survey done by the National Health Interview, nearly 30% of adults get 6 hours or less sleep per day.

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