China to ban cryptocurrency exchanges

The big rumor that has been floating around this past week is that China is about to ban cryptocurrency exchanges. Since the publication of the rumor in the influential Chinese financial publication, Caixin, last Friday, the price of bitcoin has plunged nearly $750 (16%). The market was also spooked by JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon's comments that Bitcoin was a "fraud". With all this negative sentiment surrounding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, should you be worried?
Blogging For Dummies - How to get started with blogging

One of the most frustrating things for all new bloggers is the lack of readers at the start. "Write well and they shall come", is probably the most frustrating piece of advice from some of the gurus out there. I've been blogging for nearly three years now and have seen some super ups and downs. This post is as much a reflection piece as it is some advice for all new bloggers looking to increase their traffic. If you want your blog to take off and succeed, here are some tips I've picked up along the way as well as some pitfalls you should avoid making.

It sure has been hard to ignore Bitcoin lately. In just this year alone, it has more than quadrupled its value and is now the name on everyone's lips. This kind of price rise doesn't happen very often which is leading people to proclaim that we're in a "cryptocurrency bubble" which is about to pop.
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