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16 Terrific Posters That Will Make You Feel a Fernweh For the Outside World

Fernweh  is a German word that describes a deep urge to visit new places , experience new cultures , far away from home. It is often used as the new "wanderlust", which is not a surprise, given that both words originated in Germany. If you're sitting on the beach and looking at the ocean, wishing you could explore what's beyond the horizon, you have felt a fernweh. If you've felt like booking a trip to an exotic country and exploring every thing it has to offer, you have felt a fernweh. Here are 23 terrific posters that will make you want to pack your bags and explore the world! Let's start the journey via: lovethispic We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong via theberry Mountains are calling via 99traveltips The mountains are calling, and I must go - John Muir via: etsy Escape via: 99traveltips It's bad manners to keep a vacation waiting via: citypass I need vitamin SEA via:

Your Poop and Pee Reflects Your Health: What You Need to Look Out For

Have you heard of stories where where someone was struck with a serious illness out of the blue, with no warning at all? Maybe there were warnings, just that they didn't recognize the signs. The following infograph cleverly summarizes 18 signs you need to look out for, to avoid a nasty surprise. Colon cancer, diabetes, kidney stones, liver and pancreatic disorders can be identified your number 1 and number 2.

16 Motivational Posters That Will Make You Awesome

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you looking for some inspiration, some motivation that will power you through the day, the week, the month or even the year? We've all been there - even those who are ultra successful now and make it look all so easy . Here are 16 motivational quote posters that will  change not only the way you look at life, but more importantly, act in life. The 3 C's in Life - Choice, Change and Change.  You must make the choice , to take the chance , if you want anything in life to change . via: Lifehack Today I will do what other's won't so tomorrow i can do what others can't - Jerry Rice via: Etsy Considered to be the greatest wide receiver in the history of the National Football League (NFL). The San Francisco 49ers drafted Rice in the first round in 1985, starting a 20-year career in which Rice won 3 Super Bowls and set 38 NFL records . Every morning you have two choices - continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up

5 Scientifically Backed Methods to Optimize Your Workout Efficiency

While we love the endorphin rush of a good workout, sometimes after the end of a tough day at work, we just don't have the time or energy for a good 5 mile run. Wondering how to lose weight, then? This got us searching for how we could improve our workout efficiency, to do more with less . We present to you our top 5 tips and the scientific research behind them to lose that belly fat and keep those pounds off: 1. Drink Caffeine Before Working Out Image Credit: Shutterstock A study done on 9 competitive cyclists who exercised till exhaustion on a bicycle (what else?) and involved two trials:              (1) One trial was performed an hour after ingesting decaffeinated coffee              (2) a second trial (C) required that each subject consume coffee containing 330 mg of                                 caffeine 60 min before the exercise Consuming coffee allowed the subjects to continue exercising longer, last on average for 90.2 minutes, versus 75.5 minutes wit