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10 Fun Google Hacks To Impress Your Friends

Since Google's search engine service was launched in September 1997, it has evolved from just bringing you the most relevant sites related to your search query, to providing the answers that you're looking for. Google Hacks are some built-in functions that not many know about - some are useful while some are just plain weird. Here are ten of our favorites, updated for 2015. Check them out!

Find Songs By Your Favorite Band

Simply type "Songs by" followed the singer or band name you're looking for and you'll get their complete discography. As a bonus, click on any of the songs listed and you'll be able to listen to it on the page itself via YouTube.

Get The Meaning of Words

Not sure on the meaning of a word? Type "Define" followed by the word you want to look up and Google will display the results like a dictionary.  

Get The Time Of Sunrise and Sunset

Are you travelling and not sure what time the sun will rise? Plan your day ahead by typing "Sunrise in" followed by the name of your state or city. Looks like the sun will be rising over Tokyo at 5:20 a.m. today. This also works for sunsets as shown in the picture below.

Find The Works of Your Favorite Actors and Authors

Feel like watching a Leonardo DiCaprio movie marathon? To find all movies starring your favorite actors, type "movies starring" followed by the actors name to get a complete list of their works. Note: also works for your favorite authors. Simply type "Books by" followed the author you're looking for.

Convert Measurements Easily

Meters, feet, liters, gallons, the world would be so much simpler if we had standard units of measurement. Sadly that's not the case. In the old days, you had to remember the conversion rules. But now, Google can now do that for you easily. The format would be X <units of measurement 1> to <units of measurement 2>

E.g. X miles to kilometers
       X USD to JPY

Play a Game of Zerg Rush

Google "Zerg Rush" and watch as the "O"s attack your search results. Try and stop them before it's too late!

Or how about a game of Pac Man?

Google Pac Man and you can play a Google Doodle version of the game!

Track a Package

Have a parcel being shipped by Fedex, UPS or the USPS? Now you can key in the tracking number directly in the Google search bar and see your parcel's tracking information without having to log on to the individual sites (which can be such a pain if you ask us).

Follow The Scores Of Your Favorite Sport Teams

Wonder when your favorite team is playing or what the latest scores are? Typing the name of your team in the google search will show you past results, current scores as well as the upcoming fixtures. If you want to search for results of a tournament such as the Tennis U.S. Open, type "U.S. Open" in the search bar instead. 

So there you have it, 10 of our favorite Google tricks that will undoubtedly improve your Search efficiency and experience. We hope you've enjoyed the article and found it useful. Do check out some of our other tech articles on Microsoft Excel Shortcuts and WhatsApp for some great tips there as well.


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