Microsoft Home Use Program: Purchase MS Office for $10

Do you find the cost of buying Microsoft Office a little prohibitive for home use? We feel exactly the same way so we're excited to inform our readers on the terrific Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) which we used recently to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 for US$10 instead of US$135. If your university or company has a contract with Microsoft, this will work for you!

To start, you will need to know your employer or university's "program code". Don't know your "program code"? Go to this page and click 'Don't know your program code? Go to the official Home Use Program site and click "Don't know your program code? click here" where you will be prompted to enter your company email address. If you're eligible, you'll be taken to the page below, stating that the code has been sent to your work email address.

You are now ready to key in the program code and download your selected product using your home computer. Here's a list of software you can buy via the program:

MS Office 2013 Pro Plus
MS Office Mac 2011
MS Visio Pro 2013
MS Project Pro 2013

Do note that you will need an Internet connection to download and install the selected Microsoft product. Do note that you will be able to install the downloaded product on 2 different computers. You can also purchase a DVD backup copy by paying a little extra although. We hope you found this useful and do remember to share this with your friends and family!

Read more at the official FAQ site 
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