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26 Microsoft Word Hotkeys That Will Save You Lots Of Time

Whether you're a student or working in an office, it's hard to escape having to use Microsoft Word. Studying the typing habits of our friends and colleagues, we found that most people spent way too much time searching for simple formatting and functions. This time could be better spent crafting their message instead. So to help save your precious time, here are 26 MS Word Hotkeys everyone should know.


Ctrl + E
Center align
Ctrl + L
Left align
Ctrl + R
Right Align
Ctrl + J
Ctrl + M
Indent Paragraph


Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Ctrl + U
Ctrl + D
Font preference window
Alt + H + FC
Change font color
Ctrl + ]
Increase font size by 1
Ctrl + [
Decrease font size by 1
Ctrl + ' + <char>
Insert an accent for the character. e.g. é instead of e


Ctrl + Left Arrow
Move one word left
Ctrl + Right Arrow
Move one word right
Ctrl + Up Arrow
Move to beginning of line or paragraph
Ctrl + Down Arrow
Move to end of line or paragraph
Ctrl + Home
Move to beginning of document
Ctrl + End
Move to end of document


Alt + H + I
Highlight selected text
Alt + R + C
Insert comment


Ctrl + C
Copy selected text
Ctrl + X
Cut selected text
Ctrl + V
Paste copied/cut text
Spellcheck and grammar check selected document
Shift + F7
Thesaurus check the selected word

Now we know it's difficult to remember so many hotkeys at once. The good news is, you don't have to! Instead, the trick is to remember a few at a time, 3-5 being recommended, and incorporate them into your daily typing. Soon enough, they'll become second nature to you. After which, pick the next 3 to 5 hotkeys to incorporate. Before you know it, you'll be a MS Word pro.

Hope you found this guide useful. If you do a lot of spreadsheet work, do check out our hotkey guide for MS Excel designed to improve your speed.    


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