20 Must Know Chrome Shortcuts

Google Chrome Hotkeys

We use shortcuts and hotkeys all the time when we use Microsoft Excel or Word but somehow when we're surfing the Net, we rarely harness that same efficiency and speed. When it comes to surfing, the mouse seems to reign supreme. Well, not any longer! Once you start using these Chrome hotkeys, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them and will never look back.

I've sifted through the list of hotkeys (so you don't have to) and present the 20 most useful ones:

Ctrl + N
Open new window
Ctrl + Shift + N
Open new window in incognito mode. Useful if you don't want to keep deleting your search history or need to open multiple GMail accounts at the same time
Ctrl + T
Open new tab
Ctrl + W
Close current tab (very useful for pop-ups)
Ctrl + Shift + T
Reopen last closed tab
Ctrl + Tab
View next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
View previous tab
Hold Ctrl + click link
Open link in new tab
Hold Shift + click link
Open link in new window
Ctrl + L
Put cursor in address/search bar. No need to drag mouse and click anymore
Ctrl + Backspace
Undo Search
Go to previous page
Shift + Backspace
Go to the next page
Ctrl + R
Refresh current page
Ctrl + F
Open the find bar to search for a word or phrase on the webpage
Ctrl + D
Bookmark current page
Alt then F then B
Open bookmarks manager bar
Alt + F
Open File menu
Ctrl + J
Open Chrome’s Downloads page
Windows button + M
Minimize current window... well actually it minimizes everything

Hope you found the above list of Chrome hotkeys useful and here's to improved productivity!

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