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[Motivation] You're Never Too Old To Learn

Never too old to learn inforgraph

Having a quarter, third or mid-life crisis? Feel as if life has passed you by and that you won't achieve anything significant? We've been there and we know how much that feeling of doubt and helplessness sucks. Don't give up, though! As this terrific infograph from Funders and Founders shows, you're never too old to learn new skills and achieve great success.

Some of the success stories are more famous, like that of J.K. Rowling, but Vera Wang and Martha Stewart, now those two were a surprise. We had always thought that they had been designing wedding dress and decorating homes all their adult lives - turns out that's not the case!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Vera Wang's name is synonymous with stunning with wedding dresses, so we were surprised to find out that until she was 39 years old, she had only been writing about fashion at Vogue but had never designed or made a wedding gown of her own. At 40, she resigned and became an independent bridal wear designer.

And she hasn't looked back! She's since gone on to make wedding gowns for many well-known public figures, such as Chelsea Clinton,[*] Karenna Gore,[*] Ivanka Trump,[*]Campbell Brown,[*] Alicia Keys,[*] Mariah Carey,[*] Victoria Beckham,[*] Avril Lavigne,[*] Hilary Duff,[*] Khloe Kardashian,[*] and Kim Kardashian.[*] Wang's evening wear has also been worn by Michelle Obama.[*]

Not bad for someone who only started designing when she was 40!

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is such a natural at home-decorating you'd have thought she has been doing it all her life. Instead, she started working as a stockbroker and it was only when she was 35 and was working on restoring a farmhouse that she and her husband had bought did her panache for restoring and decorating became apparent.

Cookbooks, home-decorating books, her own magazine, TV-show and a media-empire soon followed. In October 1999, her share of the media empire which was now listed on the stock exchange made her America's first self-made women billionaire. It just goes to show that even at 35, there's still so much you can achieve!

Final Thoughts

Quote on Change

If you ever find yourself thinking that your best days are behind you, work on today and look forward tomorrow. In an age when young technopreneurs are celebrated and 40 year-olds seem like dinosaurs, the above list of success stories have shown that you're never too old to learn, and SUCCEED! 

Note: All credit for the infograph above belongs to FoundersandFunders 


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