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15 Most Useful Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether it's Microsoft Excel, Windows or your new Chromebook, keyboard shortcuts are those combinations of keyboard strokes and clicks that you can use to do things a lot faster. If you've bought a new Chromebook, you might have noticed that some of the keys are missing on a Chromebook keyboard, like the Caps Lock, Page Up and Page Down buttons. Not to fear, in this list of the 15 most useful Chromebook shortcuts, I will cover how to turn the Caps Lock on, scroll up and down faster, how to take a screenshot and a couple of other nifty shortcuts.

Albert Einstein Quotes

Albert Einstein's name is synonymous with the word "genius". Given his intellectual achievements, creativity and original thinking, it is no surprise. E=mc^2 may be what Einstein is best remembered for, along with his general theory of relativity, but he also had some terrific quotes on nature, humility, intelligence and mankind in general. Here are some of our favorite Einstein quotes:

The Wisdom of President Teddy Roosevelt - 8 of his Best Quotes

Theodore Roosevelt Jr., or Teddy Roosevelt as he's more affectionately known, was the 26th President of the United States of America, from 1901 - 1909. He was a driving force of the progressive era in America at the turn of the 20th century. Overcoming debilitating childhood asthma, he became the youngest president of the United States of America, at the age of 42. Championing his "Square Deal" domestic policies, he promised the average US citizen fairness, broke large corporate trusts, regulated the railroads, established an agency to ensure pure food and drugs. He was also big on conservation, establishing many new national parks and monuments. On the military front, he began construction of the Panama Canal and also greatly expanded the navy.  Consistently ranked by scholars as one of the greatest presidents of the United States, his face was carved into Mount Rushmore, alongside other great presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Li