How To Export Chrome Bookmarks

How To Export Chrome Bookmarks

We can't overstate the importance of backing up your bookmarks from time to time. It's not just the possibility of having our laptop or Chromebook crash on us, but it's also useful to have a common set of bookmarks to refer to when we use multiple browsers or even different laptops. This quick guide will show you how to export your Chrome bookmarks in a few easy steps.


All modern browsers can export and import your bookmarks in the form of an HTML file. This allows users to move their bookmarks between Chrome, Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer and just about any other browser.

How to export your bookmarks in Chrome

1. Open your Bookmark Manager in Chrome. You can do this by clicking the menu icon in your Chrome browser window, hover over "Bookmarks" and select Bookmark Manager. Alternatively, i'd recommend just pressing “Ctrl + Shift + O” to open the Bookmark Manager.

2. Click the Organize drop down menu and select “Export Bookmarks to HTML File”.

3. Save the exported file somewhere convenient on your computer.

3. You can now import this HTML file into your other browser or computer.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, Chrome doesn't have the option to allow you to choose which bookmarks to export, at the moment. You're only able to backup the entire list. If you're familiar with HTML, one workaround to only copy selected bookmarks, is to edit the HTML file using a text editor and keeping the links that you want to export.

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