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What Does Your Favorite Color Reveal About Your Personality

What's your favorite color? Don't have one? Even if you think that you don't have a favorite color, i'm willing yo bet that you're drawn to some colors more than others. According to Color Psychology, colors can influence perceptions that are not obvious to us. For example, studies have shown that color can affect how food tastes to us and also the effectiveness of placebos. So with all that said, what does your preferred taste in colors reveal about your personality?

Interesting Facts and Statistics about Color 

interesting color facts
Interesting facts about colors via

Before we go into the different colors and their associated personality types, here are some interesting facts and statistics about color.

Blue is by far the most popular color in the world - among both among men and women. The least popular color among men is pink, while among women, the least popular color is orange.  

The first color that babies see is red and this develops when they're two weeks old. Speaking of red, ever wonder why so many fast food logos are in red and yellow? According to research, red and yellow together make an appetizing combo, which is why you'll find them in food company logos. 

And if you're considering buying a car any time soon, strongly consider buying a white model. According to research, white cars are the "safest".

The Colors

If Blue is your favorite color

blue favorite color

If your favorite color is blue, you have a strong desire to find inner peace and truth. You also make an effort to think from others point of view.

If Green is your favorite color

Favorite color green

People who love green are generous, kind and compassionate. If your favorite color is green, then there's a high chance that you place a lot of importance on your reputation and that you're also a loyal friend with a tendency to be very frank.

If Red is your favorite color

Favorite color red

If you love red, you're probably extroverted, optimistic, courageous and confident. You have a preference and tolerance for risk with a lot of drive and determination to back it up. Folks who love red need physical fulfillment and are often fitness-buffs.

If Orange is your favorite color

Orange fruit

Love orange? Then chances are you're warm, loving and accepting of others' differences. You love to be with people and want to be accepted and respected within your group.

If Yellow is your favorite color

Favorite color yellow

According to color psychology, you're an idea-machine who's always cheerful and an absolute joy to be around.You crave logic and order. Additionally, you enjoy learning and sharing what you've learnt with others. 

If Brown is your favorite color

Brown Coffee Beans

If your favorite color is brown, you're down-to-earth and wholesome. You're not a fan of material things and prefer a stable life. A simple and comfortable existence is your biggest need.

If Pink is your favorite color

Pink Sakura Flowers

People who love pink are loving, kind and sensitive to the needs of others. If your favorite color is pink, your greatest need in life is unconditional love and to be accepted by others.

If White is your favorite color

White pillars

If your favorite color is white, you are spotless and clean in appearance. You are organized, independent and like to think ahead. Optimistic and positive in general, your greatest need is to simplify your life. Beauty in simplicity could be your motto.

If Black is your favorite color

Black King

Black is my favorite color and if it's yours as well, chances are that you strive for prestige, power and control in your life. People who like black are strong-willed and determined. They also tend to be artistic, intuitive and are not good at sharing things.

If Grey is your favorite color

Grey Stones

If your favorite color is grey, you are cool and composed about life. Often described as a peacemaker, you tend to conform to keep the peace. Your greatest need is to be respected for who you are. 

Final Thoughts

The field of color psychology is still evolving and calling it a pseudo-science would be a pretty accurate way to describe it now. That said, having done an informal survey of ten people, the results have been pretty accurate. Were they for you?

If you'd like to learn more about color psychology and how colors affect your personality, check out these two terrific infographs on the topic.

Colors and personalities infograph 1
favorite color and personality infograph 2



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