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Thoughts On Progress And Some Of Our Favorite Quotes About Progress

Chinese proverb quote on progress

It's been almost three months since we last posted and we want to apologize for disappearing for so long! It's not that we've given up on the site or that we suddenly forgot about it. Far from it. We've been insanely busy traveling for a month and coming back to some interesting projects for clients that have kept us occupied. But now that we're done with that, it's time to focus on our "passion project" - EyeObserver :)


Time away from the site has allowed us to reflect on the progress we've made and how far the site has come from the early days. EyeObserver originally started out as a site covering and reviewing the best of the Internet - from memes to cool videos and drawings but we soon realized that there were too many people chasing after that pot of gold and to do it well would require a big time. So we decided to niche down. 

What are we good at? What do we enjoy? What is more timeless?
And the answers we came up with were Tech, Motivational pieces, Quotes and Gadgets. This is a 180 degree switch from writing about the latest cool thing to pop up on the Internet but we're glad we took the tough decision to switch our focus and we're very much happier for it. 


Inertia is a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged and it is comfortable. In fact, it's very comfortable. So much so, that even if it's evident that something isn't working, we tend not to bite the bullet and make the necessary changes. 

As the famous Einstein quote goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. There is also the tendency to do nothing or be lazy. 

What has shown to work is publishing three articles every week and promoting them. It's a virtuous cycle that reinforces over time. But the natural human state is one of inertia - to do nothing, to be lazy. This is something that we have to overcome if we want to progress and achieve new milestones.

Progress in numbers

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - Peter Drucker

Do we tend to overvalue the statistics and metrics we can measure and undervalue those that we can't? That's a philosophical debate for another article, but over at EyeObserver, probably the only stat that we measure ire the number of monthly readers and for the past couple of months, it has grown and held steady at 5,000. However we, want to make progress so we're setting a target of reaching 10,000 monthly readers by September 2017. Will we be able to make it? Fingers crossed!

Quotes on Progress

With all that said, here are some quotes on progress which influence our thoughts and also serve to motivate us. We hope they will do the same with you as well.

Oliver Wendell Holmes - It's not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving

Quote on progress by oliver wendell holmes

Oliver Wendell Holmes was a 19th century American physician and poet based in Boston. He was acclaimed by his peers to be one of the best writers of the day. No mean feat, considering that those peers included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wadsworth, and James Russell Lowell.

What we love so much about this quote is that it speaks to progress being moving in the right direction, and not so much our particular position or how far away we are from our goal. As long as we're moving in the right direction, that is what matters.

Frank Zappa - Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible 

Quote on progress by Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa was an American musician, activist and filmmaker. An improviser and experimenter, his work can be described as non- conformist. Hugely influential, some of his awards include:

  • Induction into the 1995 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
  • 1997 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • Number 36 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock
There is safety in numbers when you do what everybody else is doing. But if you want to progress, then you have to challenge the norm and do something unexpected.

Seneca - To wish to progress is the largest part of progress 

Quote on progress by Seneca

Seneca was a Roman philosopher, tutor and later adviser to the Emperor Nero. Some two thousand years before Think and Grow Rich was written, Seneca knew that the key to success was having the dream and vision, from which everything else grows.

Commodus - Step by step, progress is made

Progress quotes - Commodus

The Roman Emperor, Commodus knew that Rome wasn't built in a day. Instead, it was steady progress, made over many centuries that made Rome the greatest civilization the world had known to that point. This reinforces our point that we shouldn't get discouraged if the results aren't as spectacular as we'd like them to be. What's important is that progress is being made. 

Plato - Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow

Progress Quotes - Plato

Plato, the famous Greek philosopher who was one of the fathers of Western philosophy said that it's important not to discourage people as long as they're making progress, no matter how slow. Perhaps he was inspired by the story of "The tortoise and the hare"?

Henry Beecher - Too much looking backward... is bad for progress 

Progress Quotes - Beecher

The 19th century American reformer and clergyman, Henry Ward Beecher, had an important point about making progress and that is not looking back at what was, but rather what could be. While there are valid benefits to some introspection, too much of it results in paralysis and inaction. Forget yesterday, that is the past. Focus on today, so that tomorrow will be better!

Final thoughts on progress

We hope you've enjoyed some of our favorite quotes on the subject of Progress. Feel free to use them, share them, do whatever with them and hope you'll follow us we blog more regularly.  


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