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Ever wanted to earn bitcoin playing games? Well, now you can! GoldenTowns is an economic, political and military simulation game in which the virtual gold you earn can be converted into bitcoin or encashed via PayPal. The game is based on a paper written by the CEO of ANNO1777 Labs, Mr. Vlad Cristian (CEO ANNO1777 Labs) in 2011, outlining a deflationary economic system where the total amount of virtual currency is fixed and completely backed by real gold.

There is a limited amount of virtual gold, 100,000 GoldenTowns Coins (GTC) and they are mined at a constant pace. These gold coins are in turn backed by real 24K gold.

Town Development

First and foremost, GoldenTowns is a city-building game like Civilizations and Caesar. You start off with a small village which you have to develop into a more prosperous city. A larger city means more resources which in turn means more earnings for you.

The most important resource isn't gold though. It's people. You need people to build the roads, to build the buildings, to fight the wars and to harvest the natural resources. The more time you spend in developing your town, the more resources you have to succeed.


Resources are an important element of the game and a large part of it is extracting resources so that you can build your town. You also need a lot of resources in order to mine for gold. Apart from natural resources, human resources are equally if not more important part of the game. You need workers to build your town and fight your wars. 


There is also a lot of economic considerations to excelling in the game. You can buy or sell any resource - gold, meat, lumber, soldiers, or even shares in other towns. What do you do when you have too much iron and not enough meat? What if you don't have enough workers? How can you obtain an income with shares and bonds of other towns? The Market is where you will find all the answers to these questions.


"The art of war is of vital importance to the State" - Sun Tzu
Wars are an important element of GoldenTowns and is really the secret to earning more than your fair share. Conquer a town and you will get 10% of all the resources that they generate. The more towns you conquer, the more free resources you get that you can plow back into your war machine.

Wars are expensive though and you will need to be a fairly advanced country before you can even think about waging a war and occupying foreign lands. In the beginning, it is more important to liberate your own town as newbies are a prime target for more experienced players to pick on and piggyback on their growth.

Gold Extraction

Earn bitcoin by extracting gold in the game

Now, we've finally come to "gold extraction", or what's really going to earn you those bitcoins every day. You can actually start mining gold very early on in the game; within the first month or two. However, given the amount of natural resources required to mine just a fraction of gold, it is likely that you won't have the necessary infrastructure to do this profitably.

Instead, it is far better to build a lot of your natural resources extraction facilities in the first few months so that you will have enough resources to 'feed' the gold pits. If you follow this strategy, it is claimed that you can earn up to ten dollars per day within half a year. All this gold mined can be converted to bitcoin and transferred to your wallet.  
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